Stop protesting takeover of land for development – Makinde tells Oyo indigenes

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Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde has advised indigenes of the state to refrain from protesting the takeover of land for development purposes in any part of the state.

Makinde made this revelation on Sunday.

He spoke at the inaugural remembrance of late Chief Theophilus Akinyele, a prominent indigene of Ibadan’s Ajia town.

According to a report by Daily Post, Akinyele, an Ajia native, has made some positive contributions to the development of Ibadan.

According to reports, some indigenes of the state had earlier protested over the takeover of some parcel of lands.

Some of the areas where the indigenes had earlier protested included Ajia in Ona Ara local government area.

Other areas where the indigenes had protested are Moniya and Olorisa Oko in Akinyele local government area.

Makinde has however, urged the indigenes to stop the protests.

He said that those lands were acquired for developmental purposes.

He added that the government will pay compensation for any land acquired.

SPeaking further, Makinde explained that he would name the Information Communication Technology Institution to be cited in Ajia after Akinyele.

He maintained that Akinyele has also handed over some parcel of lands to the government for developmental purposes.

He said that in addition, the state has received commitment from the Nigerian Air Force to set up an Air Force Base in Ajia town.

Makinde said, “If you have acquired land here and we need the land for public good, we will compensate you to conveniently move to another place. But you should not be a clog to the wheel of progress of Ajia.

“We won’t even accept that. Apart from the fact that I have to console Mama, I have two more things to say and want people to learn from.

“I have met with people in this state who used their positions to acquire government land and built houses on. But now, look at someone who used his personal money to buy land and still handed the same over back to the government.

“I want us to learn from Mama and what the family has done on behalf of Baba, and begin to do things the way they are supposed to be done.

“I want to say that Ajia will be the host of an Information Communication Technology Institute, and it will be named Chief Theophilus Akinyele ICT Institute, Ajia to honour the memory of Baba.”

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